Mikael Jorgensen

My shits comin' out real nice.

My friend Rebecca laying down some vocals in style


Cube culture
@viecher and I return to remix the @nasa audio archive at @farmerandcook Sun 9/28, 7-9pm.  It’s the final Woodfired Pizza & Music night of 2014.
Boom Satellite Yeh!
At the request of Steve Sprinkel @viecher and I will host the final @farmerandcook Woodfired Pizza & Music night of 2014 with our live remixing of the @nasa audio archives.  Boom Satellite Yeah!
Sunday 10/28, 7-9pm.
Washing and drying off 1000+ Legos.
It’s not joke hot out here today

Almost home (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

Au Revoir Lockn

The ol’ evacuate the field cos a storm is comin’ thing

Ol’ Virginny Sunset

@drbleep Nebulophone action in Akron. (at Akron Civic Theatre)

Akron. You are next.  (at Akron Civic Theatre)

Goodbye for now Chicago.

Back in the office