Mikael Jorgensen

My shits comin' out real nice.

Friday August 8th @cassandracjones and I are hosting #FRIDAYFLIGHTS at @thegetty 6-9pm. Free! Mikaeljorgensen.com/#!shows/cr26
@thegetty  (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
"Ever present, never twice the same; Ever changing, never less than whole" - Robert Irwin (at Getty Muesem)
No Age - Courtyard stage  (at J. Paul Getty Museum)
Duskin (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
Travertine Blues (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
Never Forget. @patrickthallahan @worldbofree @sometomguy @sansonic1 @stirratt2
More evidence of our naturelectroacoustic shenanigans via @moiratarmy

Canyon Gurgles

@califone_timrutili after a long day of hiking into the wilderness and playing music…
More of this…
Working it out w/@califone_timrutili and @grandmasparrow
@califone_timrutili and @chadress the trail in Ojai… More to come
I never heard Ponch, Jon or Sgt. Getraer say anything about California being “always spiders.”