Mikael Jorgensen

My shits comin' out real nice.

Wall-E under the stars on earth day.
Triangles in the sky
Fire in the valley last week.
#tbt #pfd #nyc
I hope my line of “Nervous Workers” action figures finds it’s demo.
My Al Roker fan fiction short story is finally on the newsstands.
As always, human beings figuring out their place in the universe FTW.

More fun with @littlebits by @korgofficial

Here’s me as a baby with my bottle #tbt
#crafting #paleo
Lazy Sunday vibes.
Everyone is feeling pretty good after the arrival of baby #2 on Tuesday night.
Sunbow? (at Ojai Rancho Inn)
Early March swims at The Ojai Rancho Inn (at Ojai Rancho Inn)