Mikael Jorgensen

My shits comin' out real nice.

PRISM BREAK rehearsal
Completed my first picnic table, toddler size category.
"…and back to Sarah Purcell in the studio."
It’s like I’m on assignment for “Real People”

Inflation station

It’s true what they say…
PRISM BREAK band practice
Friday August 8th @cassandracjones and I are hosting #FRIDAYFLIGHTS at @thegetty 6-9pm. Free! Mikaeljorgensen.com/#!shows/cr26
@thegetty  (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
"Ever present, never twice the same; Ever changing, never less than whole" - Robert Irwin (at Getty Muesem)
No Age - Courtyard stage  (at J. Paul Getty Museum)
Duskin (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
Travertine Blues (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)